News from: 13.02.2022

We proudly present the Evercade Network Game Database!
In a few seconds, you can get an overview of all Evercade cartridges and games!
Have fun browsing.

News from: 06.01.2022

Our site has been redesigned and is now available to all Evercaders!
On our homepage you will find news, scans, videos, and much more about Evercade!
This is a must-have for all you evercaders out there!
Can you find our mascot, Evercade Caddy, on this homepage?

News from: 01.01.2022

Hello, everyone! I wish you a Happy New Year!
As a small New Year's gift, I have revised the homepage! You can now find info and scans of all the games published so far.
Additionally, there were some design changes. I am looking forward to an exciting next year with you!

News from: 18.12.2021

Evercade FW 2.0 Hacked!
It is already possible to play games from Flashcards on Firmware 2.0.
Retro Rulez uploaded a video on YouTube today showing the EverSD running a 128GB SD-Card on the system.
Check it out!

News from: 01.12.2021

Evercade VS has been hacked!
It is already possible to play unlicensed games on Evercade VS.
Retro Rulez uploaded a post on Facebook today showing the Evercade VS with the game Sonic The Hedgehog.

News from: 19.09.2021

Evercade Evolution Issue 3 Out Now!
News, Reviews, Tips & tricks and many more!
This magazine is created by the admins on the Non-Official Evercade Fans Group on Facebook.

News from: 14.07.2021

Evercade Evolution Issue 3 Out Now!
Evercade Announced a brand new cartridge today!
These twelve titles were never released in Europe during their original run and so this is a first for the UK and EU to have non-imported physical versions of these 16-bit titles.
The games list is:
β€’ Arcus Odyssey
β€’ Beast Wrestler
β€’ Dino Land
β€’ El Viento
β€’ Exile
β€’ Final Zone
β€’ Gaiares
β€’ Granada
β€’ Sol-Deace
β€’ Traysia
β€’ Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
β€’ Valis 3

News from: 09.07.2021

Evercade Fans Group (Non Official) | Facebook - Bans members
Members who do not bend to the will of the group will be banned without notice.
Whether such a procedure is justified remains of course a matter of opinion. But apparently not much is needed to be banned.
So be careful what you say or do within the group.

News from: 31.05.2021

Blaze Entertainment uploaded a new build of the Evercade 1.3.1 firmware.
Evercade has secretly uploaded a revised firmware version 1.3.1.
The build includes 2 new files and a newer compilation date.
The new files are on the one hand data for the new UI and on the other hand
needed tools to control the LED on the Evercade VS console.

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