Product Evercade Cartridge 27:
Alwa's Awakening/Cathedral
Platform Evercade Handheld / VS
Launch Date November 04, 2022
Included Game Cartridge Γ— 1
Printed Materials
Media ROM Cartridge
Internal Storage 512 MB


Cartridge Trailer

In the Alwa's Awakening and Cathedral cartridge for Evercade, you've got two huge exploration-heavy platform adventures ahead of you. Save the land of Alwa as the video game-loving Zoe in Alwa's Awakening, and discover the truth behind an unnamed knight's identity in the mysterious Cathedral.

Including 2 Games

Alwa's Awakening


This collection is best enjoyed on all devices running the most recent firmware. This product will not be compatible with devices running version 1.2 or lower, and will require your Evercade to be updated. Visit the Evercade Support Page to update your device.

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