Product Evercade Cartridge 12:
The Oliver Twins Collection
Platform Evercade Handheld / VS
Launch Date May 22, 2020
Included Game Cartridge ร— 1
Printed Materials
Media ROM Cartridge
Internal Storage 128 MB
Folder structure
Cover Scan
Sticker Scan
Manual Scan


Cartridge Trailer

Currently not available
coming soon...

โ€˜The Oliver Twins Collectionโ€™, featuring 11 games including: Treasure Island Dizzy, The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Go! Dizzy Go!, Dizzy The Adventurer, Panic Dizzy, Wonderland Dizzy, Mystery World Dizzy, BMX Simulator, FireHawk, DreamWorld Pogie and Super Robin Hood.

11 Games included

Proffesional BMX Simulator
Version: NES

Dizzy The Adventurer
Version: NES

Dreamworld Pogie
Version: NES

The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy
Version: NES

Version: NES

Go! Dizzy Go!
Version: NES

Mystery World Dizzy
Version: NES

Panic Dizzy
Version: NES

Super Robin Hood
Version: NES

Treasure Island Dizzy
Version: NES

Wonderland Dizzy
Version: NES

Version Legacy:
NES = Nintento Entertainment System

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