Product Evercade Cartridge 09:
Piko Interactive Collection 1
Platform Evercade Handheld / VS
Launch Date May 22, 2020
Included Game Cartridge × 1
Printed Materials
Media ROM Cartridge
Internal Storage 128 MB
Folder structure
Cover Scan
Sticker Scan
Manual Scan


Cartridge Trailer

Currently not available
coming soon...

The ‘Piko Interactive Collection 1’ cartridge brings 20 original retro games to the Evercade, including fan favourites ‘Iron Commando’, ‘Jim Power’, ‘The Immortal’, ‘Dragon View’, ‘Drakkhen’, ‘Power Punch 2’ and more!

20 Games included

8 Eyes
Version: NES

Brave Battle Saga
Version: SMD

Canon – Legends of the New Gods
Version: SMD

Version: SNES

Dragon View
Version: SNES

Dorke and Ymp
Version: SNES

Iron Commando
Version: SNES

The Immortal
Version: SMD

Jim Power – The Lost Dimension
Version: SNES

Magic Girl
Version: SMD

Version: NES

Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
Version: SNES

Power Punch II
Version: NES

Radical Rex
Version: SMD

Version: SMD

The Humans
Version: SNES

Version: SMD

Top Racer
Version: SNES

Way of the exploding fist
Version: NES

Water Margin
Version: SMD

Version Legacy:
NES = Nintento Entertainment System
SNES = Super Nintento Entertainment System
SMD = Sega Mega Drive

Evercade Tight Cartridge Fix Solution

Some people are experiencing a tight fit with cartridges with brand new consoles. We recommend using this method to help. With a few days regular use, the console has a snug but precise fit with its cartridges. Evercade engineered the console so that cartridge would sit flush to the console when in - so it looks seamlessly integrated.

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