Product Evercade Cartridge 08:
Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Platform Evercade Handheld / VS
Launch Date May 22, 2020
Included Game Cartridge × 1
Printed Materials
Media ROM Cartridge
Internal Storage 128 MB
Folder structure
Cover Scan
Sticker Scan
Manual Scan


Cartridge Trailer

The ‘Mega Cat Studios’ Collection 1 cartridge brings 10 original ‘retro style’ games to the Evercade, including fan favorites Log Jammers, Coffee Crisis and Tanzer.

10 Games included

Almost Hero
Version: NES

Creepy Brawlers
Version: NES

Coffee Crisis
Version: SMD

Justice Duel
Version: NES

Log Jammers
Version: NES

Little Medusa
Version: SMD

Version: NES

Old Towers
Version: SMD

Super painter
Version: NES

Version: SMD

Version Legacy:
NES = Nintento Entertainment System
SMD = Sega Mega Drive

Evercade Tight Cartridge Fix Solution

Some people are experiencing a tight fit with cartridges with brand new consoles. We recommend using this method to help. With a few days regular use, the console has a snug but precise fit with its cartridges. Evercade engineered the console so that cartridge would sit flush to the console when in - so it looks seamlessly integrated.

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