Product Evercade Arcade Cartridge:
Gaelco Arcade 2
Platform Evercade Handheld / VS
Launch Date November 02, 2022
Included Game Cartridge × 1
Printed Materials
Media ROM Cartridge
Internal Storage 128 MB


Announcement Trailer

The Gaelco Arcade 2 cartridge for Evercade features 6 action-packed arcade games from Spanish developer Gaelco, featuring Big Karnak’s hack-and-slash fun, TH Strikes Back’s sci-fi platforming, World Rally 2’s high-speed racing, Maniac Square’s brain-bending puzzling, and competitive sporting action with Squash and Touch and Go!

Including 6 Games

Big Karnak
Version: Arcade

TH Strikes Back: Thunder H...
Version: Arcade

World Rally 2
Version: Arcade

Maniac Square
Version: Arcade

Version: Arcade

Touch and Go
Version: Arcade

Version Legacy:
Arcade = An arcade game is a game machine typically found in public places like malls, restaurants and amusement arcades, and is usually coin operated. Arcade games are usually video games, pinball machines or electromechanical games. The late 1970s through the 1980s was the golden age of the arcade games.

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